Jackie Jurist is a Pilates instructor living and working in Los Angeles, California. 

Pilates has led Jackie to improved physical strength, mental clarity, body awareness and joy. As an instructor, Jackie strives to share these benefits with her clients. Primarily educated as a visual artist, Jackie uses her critical eye and creative intuition to guide clients into alignment and to move with integrity, intention and grace. Pilates is both physically and mentally challenging, resulting in the coordination of mind, body and spirit.

Jackie completed a comprehensive 500+ hour Pilates Certification through Body-Tonic Pilates Gymnasium in Brooklyn, New York in 2016. The program, led by Jennifer DeLuca, honors a classical Pilates lineage from the legacy of Romana Kryzanowska. Jackie considers herself a student for life and will continue to actively pursue continuing education and workshops. See below for a detailed list of workshops attended.